The passenger terminal at Greenville Spartanburg Airport consists of Concourses A & B. All gates are located on the third level, which is reached by stairs, elevators, and escalators. The terminal has a renovated ticket lobby, covered walkway to parking garages, new baggage screening equipment, modern customer service booth, one consolidated security checkpoint, an improved Grand Hall with raised ceiling, a glass front, and more baggage claim carousels. The new conference center can accommodate 100 visitors, while business travelers can use an adjacent tinier office.

The Ground Level

The ground level of the airport is for both Departures and Arrivals. The Arrivals area features two functioning baggage carousels on the left side of the center. The Departures area is located on the right side and features airline company ticketing desks.

Level 2

After going through the security checkpoint, an escalator will lead travelers to the second level of the terminal, which is the secured area. It features both concourses A and B on two sides, a restaurant in the middle, and a garden outside. Concourse A houses gates from A1 to A9, while concourse B holds gates from B1 to B4.


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